Monica M.

I am a 54 year old female who has run for the past twenty years; ½ marathons, 33km Around the Bay, many 10km run, and run for fun and exercise roughly three times a week. Over the twenty years I have thrown yoga and the flavour of the month classes; Zumba, Pilates, Salsa, etc. I have never stepped foot in a gym in my 54 years. In May of 2017 I was asked if I wanted to join a women’s only boot camp Wednesdays and Fridays at a gym! Our trainer, Dylan, introduced himself and provided his credentials and began a dialogue about expectations from the women, from him and he then provided the structure for the next three months.

We started as nervous women trying weights and rowing machines and medicine balls and kettle bells; and we finished in better shape than we started and it provided us with a confidence in our abilities and strength!

I would recommend Dylan to anyone – young, old, male, female, in shape and out of shape. He is a dynamic young man who is enthusiastic about healthy exercise! He is vibrant and engaged throughout the sessions and had the ability to push 12 women through a rigorous workout twice a week. He knows anatomy, muscles, how the exercise should feel and offers modifications for those with injuries.

Dylan is a true gentleman and instructs with humour, knowledge and a keen sense of his audience.

We wish he had remained in Ottawa because it is going to be rather difficult to find a trainer like Dylan dePaul!