Daniel Guolla, 9x Redbull Crashed Ice World Championship Competitor

Some say bad luck comes in 3’s.
I’m not superstitious, but within a recent 18 months of high level training and competing that idiom seemed very relevant. I had broken my elbow, severely dislocated my shoulder, and undergone invasive hip surgery to fix my FAI. My body was unbalanced, weak, tight, and I needed help.

I believe Dylan was the best trainer to get me back on track. He partnered with my physio, and worked within the guidelines of my doctor to tailor my training to my exact needs. We took movements back to basics, making sure I was understanding what we were doing and why. I’ve never worked with a trainer who could communicate and motivate like Dylan. His ability to coach me through the exercises and adjust on the fly is impressive, and is made possible by his experience and knowledge.

I asked Dylan to get me back on the ice, and the training has gotten me there. I’m excited going into this winter being stronger and more athletic than I have felt in years. It will be my 9th season competing for the Redbull Crashed Ice World Championship this year.
And while I’m focussed on getting back to competing and flying down hills right now, working with Dylan has done more than that. I’m not in pain anymore. I’m back to having fun, back on my bike, back on my skis, back on the trails, back to travelling, and back to chasing my little cousins around.

Thanks Dylan