Dylan is an ideal personal trainer- he’s enthusiastic, motivating, and fun to be around, but also has a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, so you can be confident that what you’re doing is good for the long-term health of your body. My workouts with him were by far the most effective I’ve done and I learned a lot in the process.

Alexie C.

Training with Dylan was my first experience with a personal trainer and I could not have been happier with it! Dylan is very focused on each individual client and how their body works and moves. He is extremely knowledgeable, explains everything thoroughly, and can help you get the results you’re looking for while being mindful of injury prevention. He has a strong focus on form to ensure that you understand the intricacies of each movement and are getting the most out of your workout! His positive attitude and encouragement make the time fly by while getting an amazing workout! I would highly recommend training with Dylan and hope to do it again in the future! 

Charlotte E.

Throughout my adult life I have wanted to seek out personal training,  I finally decided to invest in my health and fitness committing to an 8-week training program with Dylan.  Let me start off by saying that Dylan is very knowledgeable in his field and extremely professional.  I’ve seen Dylan 3 times a week in individual, double, and group sessions.  All have been amazing in different ways. The exercises vary enough that I’m never bored but not too much that I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.  One thing that’s never changed, regardless of the class size, is the attention that Dylan pays to my needs – whether it’s setting up alternate exercises for my weak back or reminding me not to hyperextend my arms.

One thing that I really like about Dylan is that he uses a holistic approach that incorporates flexibility, strength, posture, balance, and endurance.  He even recommended a nutritionist to compliment his fitness program. As I am someone who has issues/sensitivities in several places, his passion for and attention to proper alignment and movement is greatly appreciated.  He keeps the workouts fun and challenging while remaining motivating and encouraging without going too easy on you.

In the 8 weeks that I’ve worked with Dylan I’ve seen differences that took me months to see when working out on my own.  In this short time I have become leaner, stronger and more toned.  Dylan has written me a fitness program that is tailored to my needs.  He spent time going over all of the exercises and filmed me doing them as a reference point for myself in the future. He ensured that these exercises would easily be transferable to the gym that I use on a regular basis.   I look forward to my future progress with Dylan as my trainer.

Lauren M.

Dylan’s group fitness classes were such a great introduction to functional training! I learned so much about how my body should move and got way stronger in the process. His coaching cues really helped me understand proper form. He also happens to be one of the nicest and most genuine people you’ll ever come across! Wish he was still in Ottawa!

Sarah M.

I spent two months circuit training with Dylan in a class of women who ranged in ages from 56 to 18, which could have gone south quickly, but it didn’t. He was absolutely the bomb. He knows his stuff, he’s professional, and he’s genuinely encouraging. He’s the real deal. He made the class fun and challenging and when we felt like giving up, he said that’s when you get stronger. So he pushed us. I’m now doing things at the gym, like the TRX, that I never would have done before. Dylan gave me confidence and the motivation to keep on trying.

Katie M.

I am a 54 year old female who has run for the past twenty years; ½ marathons, 33km Around the Bay, many 10km run, and run for fun and exercise roughly three times a week. Over the twenty years I have thrown yoga and the flavour of the month classes; Zumba, Pilates, Salsa, etc. I have never stepped foot in a gym in my 54 years. In May of 2017 I was asked if I wanted to join a women’s only boot camp Wednesdays and Fridays at a gym! Our trainer, Dylan, introduced himself and provided his credentials and began a dialogue about expectations from the women, from him and he then provided the structure for the next three months.

We started as nervous women trying weights and rowing machines and medicine balls and kettle bells; and we finished in better shape than we started and it provided us with a confidence in our abilities and strength!

I would recommend Dylan to anyone – young, old, male, female, in shape and out of shape. He is a dynamic young man who is enthusiastic about healthy exercise! He is vibrant and engaged throughout the sessions and had the ability to push 12 women through a rigorous workout twice a week. He knows anatomy, muscles, how the exercise should feel and offers modifications for those with injuries.

Dylan is a true gentleman and instructs with humour, knowledge and a keen sense of his audience.

We wish he had remained in Ottawa because it is going to be rather difficult to find a trainer like Dylan dePaul!

Monica M.

I came to Dylan with really big dreams — to win an Ironman in 2016. I knew I needed to do something more than simply swim/bike/run to make it happen. Dylan created a very specific program that would support my dreams, yet also ensured that I stayed injury free and best of all, was able to workout with my husband. (Training with your partner isn’t always possible in endurance sport!) He probably believes that my inability to do a pull up when we started working together and progressed to being able to do 30 pull ups 6 months later was the greatest victory. I can’t argue that! However, crossing the finish line at Ironman Whistler as the Champion was pretty sweet too. Thanks for everything Dylan!

Steph Corker 15x amateur Ironman finisher + budding professional triathlete for 2017

I trained with Dylan for several months, he was awesome. Not only did he get me in great shape and more flexible, but also found problem areas and improved them. When we started I had a bad knee that endless physiotherapy could not cure. After a few months with Dylan, problem solved. Dylan was also able to create training that took into consideration my heart issues which limits what we were able to do.

Alan B.

I have to say the thought of going to a gym used to make me apprehensive, that is until I worked under the guidance of Dylan de Paul.

I am over fifty and have never really worked with a trainer or attended on any regular basis a gym but I will now.

Through Dylan’s  patience and attention, I gained a better understanding of how to use equipment correctly and what to look for in myself in achieve my goals.  He takes the time to show you correct form, listens to your questions and pays attention to the student.

Without hesitation, I would highly (most definitely) recommend Dylan as an amazing personal trainer.

Megan M.

Some say bad luck comes in 3’s.
I’m not superstitious, but within a recent 18 months of high level training and competing that idiom seemed very relevant. I had broken my elbow, severely dislocated my shoulder, and undergone invasive hip surgery to fix my FAI. My body was unbalanced, weak, tight, and I needed help.

I believe Dylan was the best trainer to get me back on track. He partnered with my physio, and worked within the guidelines of my doctor to tailor my training to my exact needs. We took movements back to basics, making sure I was understanding what we were doing and why. I’ve never worked with a trainer who could communicate and motivate like Dylan. His ability to coach me through the exercises and adjust on the fly is impressive, and is made possible by his experience and knowledge.

I asked Dylan to get me back on the ice, and the training has gotten me there. I’m excited going into this winter being stronger and more athletic than I have felt in years. It will be my 9th season competing for the Redbull Crashed Ice World Championship this year.
And while I’m focussed on getting back to competing and flying down hills right now, working with Dylan has done more than that. I’m not in pain anymore. I’m back to having fun, back on my bike, back on my skis, back on the trails, back to travelling, and back to chasing my little cousins around.

Thanks Dylan

Daniel Guolla, 9x Redbull Crashed Ice World Championship Competitor